Running to Cover

part 3 of the Running trilogy • book 6 in the Nathan Parker book series

Nathan Parker abandons his home in Ohio to escape the relentless pursuit of thugs sent by his girlfriend’s vile stepfather. Can Nathan and Amber finally escape that man and run to cover…before time runs out? Read More

“I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t wait to get home to read it. We ate frozen dinners for 4 nights until I finished it. The book kept changing so much that it stayed very interesting to see who, what, where was going to be bad, good or indifferent next.”
— Barnes & Noble book reviewer

Running with Intent

part 2 of the Running trilogy • book 5 in the Nathan Parker book series

Nathan Parker didn't have an agenda, but the world had one for him. After his vacation is derailed by an unexpected natural disaster, Nathan and his girlfriend Amber become separated. But Amber has a secret agenda of her own, and she can't complete her mission without Nathan's help. Read More

“The plot is very intricate and gives a dark commentary on corporate America. Parker is an endearing and complex character with just the right amount of humor to balance out his serious side. A fun and insightful read!”
— Trysta, Los Angeles, CA

Running Nameless

part 1 of the Running trilogy • book 4 in the Nathan Parker book series

Nathan Parker plunges into a reluctant partnership with a bizarre nameless young woman who witnessed a heinous crime, not realizing that she might be more dangerous to him than the killer. Read More

“This is one the better books floating around. More twists than I ever thought. Just when I thought that “A” was the bad guy, “B” became the bad guy. Then back and forth again. This is a page turner. The hero ... reminds me of the “aw shucks ma’m” genre, and then he gets caught up in the bad guy web.”
— Barnes & Noble book reviewer

Scheduled to Die

book 3 in the Nathan Parker book series

Probing the horrific death of a wealthy banker, insurance fraud investigator Nathan Parker discovers a dark conspiracy hidden beneath the picturesque veneer of a Cincinnati suburb. Read More

“I LOVED this book. I’m not a fiction reader, but found myself quickly drawn into the story line and characters. It leaves you wondering throughout the book, who is involved and who can be trusted?”
— Stephanie, Smashwords book reviewer

Dying at a Premium

book 2 in the Nathan Parker book series

A renowned scientist in Montana dies. His heirs immediately file life insurance claims demanding payment. As an insurance fraud investigator, Nathan Hale Parker is sent to probe the hit-and-run accident that killed the man. But he finds nothing accidental about it. He embarks on a coast-to-coast investigation that discovers a trail of dead witnesses and an extraordinary conspiracy of greed. Read More

“A thoroughly entertaining read! It’s packed with the same twists, turns, and surprises that you’d expect to encounter while lost on a trail in Big Sky Country.”
— Mark, Chicago, IL

Death Comes in the Morning

book 1 in the Nathan Parker book series

Nathan Parker never expected to find a body while hiking in Montana. And he certainly didn’t expect it to disappear. But those events land him in a conspiracy of greed that leads to a rising count of missing people. He is dragged to the brink of death, leaving him no option but to fight to survive. Read More

“I think I’ve fallen in love with Nathan Parker.”
— Linda, Muskegon, MI