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Dying at a Premium

book 2 in the Nathan Parker book series
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After being unemployed for nearly two years, Nathan Parker is finally hired as an insurance fraud investigator in Montana. While in New York, he is called back to Montana to investigate the death of a client, an eminent scientist. The police consider the death a hit-and-run accident. But there are too many coincidences for Nathan to feel comfortable with the ruling of accidental death.

His findings are dismissed by the police. And because of his checkered past, they chose to ignore him. Undaunted, Nathan presses the investigation forward alone. Witnesses start dying. Suicide. Drug overdose. A trail of bodies across Montana. The trail has gone cold.

But Nathan finds a clue, a thin thread of evidence that leads him to the West Coast. He teams up with an unlikely partner, who helps unravel the mystery as they dig deep into the tangled web of the people they are following. They discover an improbable biotechnology conspiracy that affects the health of the entire nation.

He and his new partner are drawn into the tangled web and are trapped. They are left with no choice but to fight to survive in the streets of San Francisco.

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