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Running to Cover

part 3 of the Running trilogy • book 6 in the Nathan Parker book series
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Forced out in the open by malicious thugs sent by his girlfriend Amber's stepfather, Nathan Parker brazenly confronts them. But these men have friends. To avoid the growing horde pursuing him, and the local Ohio cops who also have suspicions about him, Nathan flees for his life.

He runs north to Michigan to rejoin Amber and her half-sister Scarlett, who are hiding and recuperating after their narrow escape from Texas. But not far behind are the cops, the Feds, their father, and his relentless gang of enforcers. They will stop at nothing to capture the rebellious daughters, who hold secrets that the father needs to bury.

Running low on funds, Nathan turns to his job of insurance fraud investigation. Amber and Scarlett, also desperate for cash to keep running, fear that their secret hideout in Michigan won't remain secret for long. Nathan proposes a way to get money, lots of it, with the help of a woman from his past....assuming she will even talk to him after all this time. Buoyed by the promise of cash to help them disappear, the girls join Nathan in his seemingly simple investigations, planning to end them quickly, get the money, and run.

But simple is just an illusion.

As events spiral out of control, Amber, Scarlett, and Nathan become embroiled in the chaos of insurance fraud and a deadly showdown that stands between them and running to cover.

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