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Running with Intent

part 2 of the Running trilogy • book 5 in the Nathan Parker book series
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For Nathan Parker, it started as a vacation, a getaway to a place he’d never been before. His boss, though, had a different plan, detouring him to a small town in the middle of nowhere for an insurance fraud investigation. But a natural disaster traps him there, along with the troublesome survivors. While Nathan desperately tries to restore order to the lawless town, he uncovers a sinister murder plot and a long-standing conflict among the people who live there. Now his own life is in danger. Some vacation.

While he struggles to survive, his secretive girlfriend Amber has a different agenda. Hundreds of miles away, she pursues her personal crusade, one that she never shared with anyone. Not even with him. Yet she expects his help to complete a quest she simply cannot do alone. Hunted by law enforcement and a team of thugs, she races against time to find her target, rescue Nathan, and complete the mission, one which may be far more dangerous than being trapped in that lawless town.

The colliding objectives of their missions pull Nathan and Amber apart, and then fling them back together again. Repeatedly. To survive, they have to rely on one another, but the weight of their own secrets is holding them back. How can these two work together if they can't even tell each other the whole truth? Time flies, and the window of opportunity to complete her mission rapidly closes. Tick-tock.

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