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Running Nameless

part 1 of the Running trilogy • book 4 in the Nathan Parker book series
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She attacked him. That was Nathan Parker's introduction to the secretive, nameless girl with a troubled past. A hesitant witness to the disposal of the corpses of two unidentified children, she ran from him. Repeatedly.

But for ex-cop Nathan Parker, running is not an option. Having found the bodies, he is inescapably tied to the case, even though it has nothing to do with his job as an insurance fraud investigator. Compelled to discover who the children were and who killed them, Nathan ignores the warnings of the detectives pursuing the case. He reconnects with the nameless girl, whose guarded, bizarre, and often aggressive behavior make working with her and prying information from her unwieldy challenges. On top of that, she has the habit of disappearing whenever the going gets tough.

In spite of the struggles of their reluctant partnership, they pick apart the tangled web of the conspiracy shrouding the deaths of the children. In this crusade, Nathan collides with his boss, the police, and his crumbling personal life. And with each step forward, the girl entangles him, pulling him further down a dark path that crosses the line between right and wrong. When their frenzied investigation ends, with the arrest of the architect of the conspiracy, she disappears again, running nameless, leaving Nathan to deal with the lawless chaos they created.

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